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Rütten top notch stir­ring tech­nol­o­gy – We re­search and develop for you, since 1993.

Rütten stirrers overview

Combine these unique stirrers with our vessels, trolleys and balances and thereby ensure a reliable and practical storage, processing, transfer and transportation system for your pharmaceutical end products.

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Our stirrer portfolio covers all needs for liquid, gas and emulsion mixing challenges in the pharmaceutical production environment. We continually focus to further develop our stirrer technology and have powerful tools at hand for upscaling of stirring processes. For mixing volumes ranging from as little as 0.030 to as much as 4000 liters, we propose stirrer solutions of outstanding quality and service.

Rütten Vibromixer R1

Powerful and gentle mixing without rotating parts

Bestseller Advanced vibrating agitator for high value liquids 1 to 30 l

Rütten Vibromixer R2/R3

Powerful and gentle mixing without rotating parts

Bestseller Advanced vibrating agitator for high value liquids 30 to 250 l (R2) / 250 to 1000 l (R3).

Gentle and effective axial mixing using the Bernoulli effect. For mixing of low-viscosity fluids, suspensions in liquids, gas-liquid and emulsification of immiscible liquids under all pressure conditions. The Rütten Vibromixer is largely used for the production of anaerobic vaccines such as tetanus, pertissis and diphteria.

Rütten magnetic stirrer

Sterility, hygiene and system simplicity

Patented Patented stainless-steel-lined twin or single magnetic cores rotating on a central SiC/diamond bearing. Suspended on a product harvesting tube welded on the vessel head plate.

Rütten Softmixer®

Shear sensitive mixing

New generation The Softmixer® is capable of mixing by slow gentle strokes or rapid reciprocating oscillations of a centrally mounted mixing plate. The mixing plate is perforated with conical holes that gently surge the fluid as the plate moves thereby creating gentle and highly effective mixing throughout the vessel.

Rütten MCS 1

Rütten magnetic coupled top-driven stirrer MCS 1

Patented Patented system for mono or twin magnet and suspended stirrer 1 to 350 litres.

Rütten MCS 2

Rütten magnetic coupled top-driven stirrer MCS 2

Ultra strong Ultra strong top driven agitator for viscous high value liquids 100 to 300 litres

The Rütten magnetic coupled top-driven stirrer (MCS) is used where existing equipment doesn't allow for bottom-powered magnetic agitators to be installed. Its strong power output and agitation force allow hygienic mixing of viscous liquids. MCS adds safety in process sterility by eliminating the use of delicate rotating mechanical seals.