Sterile Storage System SSS "Sterile Storage Systems" for sterile transportation and mixing of blood products, vaccines, cell culture media, suspensions and injectables, etc. Perfect tuned with many utilities.
For basic operation see "System SSS", for product details "Products SSS".

The mixing system specially developed for shear sensitive liquid products, for example mammalian cells, proteins and micro carriers. Measuring technology available.


Intensive, gentle and effective mixer easy to clean and sterilize. Measuring technology available.


The Rütten Mixmeter® allows the direct measurement of the total turbulence in a given medium, generated by stirrers, gas addition, etc. Possibility to keep constant the mixing intensity, no matter if the process variables are changing.

A new dimension in sterile technique

Rütten Engineering has developed a system of carefully combined products for transferring, processing, transporting and storing of highly valuable pharmaceutical liquid products.

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